Dear visitor,

my Greenmaster trunkbasement treating mashine makes it possible to treat the base of the trunk without using chemicals.

The Greenmaster can:

- remoove efficiently gras without damage the trunk,

- help to prevent the proliferation phytoplasma,

- chase away small rodents.

The Greenmaster is:

- fast (its possible to drive between the rows with 8km/h speed),

- efficient (it cleans well also on difficult terrains),

- delicately (it not demage only 2 years old Christmas trees),

- solid (the materials are of best quality and not built up to resist only little bit more than the forces it's subjected)

- multifunctional (it can be used for many other tasks, not only for cleaning from the grass).

My Greenmaster makes work easier and so, by the way, rise the quality of life.


Are you interested in increase the quality of your life and by the way also that of your work, so maybe you wish to have a personalised offer in this case fill up the following checklist and send it back to me, I will be glad to call you by phone to chat about the mechanical details.

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